Our Bay Window comes complete and finished inside and out:

  • The inside and the perimeter of our Bay Window come with stainable, clear pine clam shell moldings or colonial casing. Stain or paint it to match your décor.
  • On the outside we provide a complete finish.  Specifically, on a “soffit finish” we cap the entire perimeter of the window ensuring it will be maintenance free. Hand crafted roof with exterior plywood, heavy duty felt paper, architectural roofing shingles, with in your choice of color.
  • We completely wrap the entire perimeter of the window as well as the bottom exterior of our Bay Window with PVC vinyl clad. This offers added protection from the outside elements, especially preventing moisture from seeping into the sill and rotting the wood.
  • We add Triple Weather Stripping to the very critical top area of the window. This weather stripping, Q-lon, is of the highest quality and everlasting.  It will never need to be replaced,
  • In the center of the window we use double weather stripping with interlocking tongue & groove. The bottom sash also has double weather stripping.
  • Power automatic locking system is provided as a standard feature for your safety and easy operation. Our windows have a stainless steel constant balance force. The frames of our windows are a closed master frame for air tightness and thermo efficiency. Stream-lined, narrow-line design 2 ½” less on the frame, creating less vinyl and adding more glass.

All materials used are of the highest quality, solid, and formulated for a long lasting life.

Our 5400 Model Double Hung Windows carry the ENERGY STAR label with a U-Factor of .18. The lower the U-Factor, the higher the efficiency